Community Council Meeting Wednesday 6th December

The next Tiree Community Council Meeting will be held on Wednesday 6th December, 7.30pm, An Talla Community Hall, the agenda is as follows:


  1. Welcome and Apologies
  2. Correspondence
  3. Minutes of meeting 1st November 2017 + any matters arising
  4. Policing on Tiree and update of 4th December meeting
  5. Tiree refuse collection
  6. Banking Services – Tiree
  7. Telephone communications etc
  8. Tiree Community Council – Future
  9. Tiree Library – Live Argyll
  10. Any Other Business

Please note. Tiree Community Council holds a monthly pre-agenda private meeting, which normally takes place approximately ten days following the public meeting. The meeting is solely to agree agenda items for inclusion and discussion at the following month’s public meeting. No decisions, other than these, are taken.

Public Meeting Wednesday 7 June

The next public meeting of the Tiree Community Council will be on Wednesday the 7th of June. 7.30pm at An Talla. All welcome.

It will also be the AGM.

In preparation for the AGM, the Convener’s draft report is attached below:

DRAFT Annual Report TCC 2016-7

The Agenda following the AGM will be as follows:


1. HIE Land at Pier View

2. Calmac Pier

3. Transport

4. Flag update

5.Cash Point update

6. Mortuary

7. Arrangements for meetings over the summer

Cash Machine Survey

When the Royal Bank of Scotland announced revised hours of opening last year, Tiree Community Council were asked by members of the public at that time to request further clarification from RBS. As it was apparent from correspondence with RBS that the decision to introduce shorter opening hours would not be reversed, Tiree Community Council felt that the provision by RBS of 24 hour cash dispensing and balance enquiry by the installation of a ‘hole in the wall’ cash dispenser, or ATM, at RBS Scarinish would provide additional convenience for the public.

Further enquiries to RBS by Tiree Community Council asking that consideration of 24 hour cash dispensing be looked at has not at this time met with success. However, in order to build a suitable business case, the local RBS branch manager has requested that Tiree Community Council provide RBS with some evidence of the numbers that would potentially make use of 24 hour cash dispensing at RBS Scarinish.

To help Tiree Community Council provide some factual evidence to RBS, we would be most grateful if you would take the time to complete a very short and simple survey. We will then pass this additional information to RBS to allow them to make an evidence based decision.
You can answer the survey in the box below, or you can do so at this link:


Create your own user feedback survey