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Banked Flights

Banked Flights :

TTF and LoganAir have agreed to the same banked flights for 2019 as we had in 2018 Ie

1. Additional Easter Friday flight (any time) on Friday 05th April
2. Tiree 10k – Additional morning flight on Sat 04th May;
3. Tiree 10k – Additional afternoon flight on Sun 05th May;
4. Additional Peak Summer flight – Sat 06th July;
5. & 6. TMF – Additional morning and afternoon flights (4 flights in total that day) on Fri 12th July;
7. TMF – Additional lunchtime flight on Sat 13th July;
8. TMF – Addition lunchtime flight on Sun 14th July;
9. & 10. TMF – Additional morning and afternoon flights (4 flights in total that day) on Mon 15th July;
11. Additional Peak Summer flight on Sat 20th July;
12. Additional Peak Summer flight on Sat 27th July;
13. Additional Peak Summer flight on Sat 03rd Aug;
14. Additional Peak Summer flight on Sat 10th Aug;
15. August Livestock Sales on Sat 17th Aug – Additional flight with a requested 08:30am departure from Glasgow to fit in with sales times.  Also requested a later amended departure time to the current scheduled second flight time to 16:30pm out of Glasgow, again to accommodate sales times);
16. Tiree Ultra – Additional flight (any time) on Sat 07th Sept;
17. Tiree Ultra – Additional flight late afternoon on Sun 08th Sept;
18. Tiree Ultra – Additional flight (any time) on Mon 09th Sept.

Proposed Banked Flights Saturday Reductions (Down to 1x Saturday Flight) on:

26th October to 21st December 19  = 8 flights in total
11th January to 14th March 20 = 10 flights.

This gives flexibility to amend the Tiree flight schedule, on a cost neutral basis , to meet peak summer demand , also added flights for  TMF , the Tiree 10k and the Tiree Ultra

This is achieved by offsetting against some reduction in the schedule later in the year ie

Saturday Reductions (Down to 1x Saturday Flight) on:

26th October to 21st December 19  = 8 flights in total
11th January to 14th March 20 = 10 flights.



Tiree-Oban Air Service Update



Tiree’s air service to Oban will stop on 16 May.

Argyll and Bute Council, having cut the subsidy it proposes to pay to an operator, has failed to find an airline willing to service the route on at the lower subsidy level . Flights to Coll and Colonsay will also stop

As per the previous edition of AnTirisdeach, TCC advised that the Policy and Resources Commitee (PAR) of the Council had decided at its February meeting to to re-tender. To date TCC has no infomatiion as to when this will happen, nor any of the details of any 2nd tender . TCC has stated that a simple repeat of the original tender is not likely to succeed.

At a meeting with two of our councillors( Roddy MacCuish and Jim Lynch) it was decided that TCC would make a further submission to A&B Council ,to garner the political will, to derive a 2nd tender more likely to succeed in maintaining, in full or part, the existing Argyll Air Services.

In view of the critical importance the Tiree-Oban air link has to Tiree High School, TCC has copied the submission to John Swinney , Minister of Educatiion and Micheal Russell MSP

TCC has done so covering the topics which TCC identified as Tiree’s primary Connectivity Issues:-

Education/Health/Veterinary/Construction/The Democratic Deficit/Tourism/ Our link with Coll

In turn TCC submitted this conclusion:-

Tiree Community Council and the Tiree Transport Forum place the utmost importance on the continuation of the Argyll Air Service. The island is well served with an air link to Glasgow. But Argyll and Bute Councillors must not forget that Tiree is part of Argyll and Bute Council, and that our regional centres are Oban and Lochgilphead. Other island groups in Scotland have similar or better air services. We do appreciate the problems in the service as it stands (see our previous correspondence) and we accept that there may be timetable and fare changes in a new successful tender. What we cannot accept is the loss of this service.

Our councillors also requested that TCC , as a supplementary ,commented on Oban Airport’s development potential .

In deriving the submission, TCC reviewed the tender process and documentation . Some anomalies were evident, consequently TCC added a supplementary to the submission 

This final submission was circulated to Tiree’s Councillors, for circulation within A&BC, but view the implications for education at  Tiree High School, TCC sent copies directly to John Swinney  MSP , Deputy First Minister and Cabinet Secretary for Education and Skills, also Michael Russell MSP

Air Service Submission



Crown Estates: Scotland Portfolio – a consultation

TCC are encouraging anyone with an opinion on the management of Crown Estate property in Scotland to make a response to the Crown Estate consultation which is currently in progress. The consultation ends on the 29th of March.

You can find a brief guide to the Scotland Portfolio here 

The full consultation document is here

In Tiree, the Crown Estate holdings pertain mainly to the rights to the the seabed beyond the low tide line, extending 12 nautical miles. In practical terms, this is most relevant to moorings, piers and renewables, as well as any fishing activity reliant on the seabed.

TCC also intend to provide a response to the consultation, and that response will be discussed at our public meeting on March 1.

Tiree Community Council news

The Tiree Community Council met on the 1st of June in An Talla. The first part of the evening was made up of the AGM. The chair ran through a list of the areas where progress had been made: securing two flights a day all year round; a summer double ferry sailing on Saturday and taking our place on the Argyll Ferry Users’ Group; lobbying to keep the laying of the fibre-optic broadband cable to the island on programme; putting the Tiree case for the upcoming Islands Bill; and fighting for the library service and the Crossapol office in the face of Council cuts. We have had less success convincing the roads department that the island’s roads were in need of significant investment, and moving some derelict vehicles. The Treasurer reported that we had £1,826 in the bank, much of that a Windfall Fund grant of £1,000 which we have not had to call upon this past year. Angus John MacKechnie, Frazer MacInnes and Alison Kennedy had resigned as Councillors during the year, while Iona Campbell, Paul Le Roux and Rhoda Meek had been co-opted in their place until the next elections in November. We had a new website, Facebook page and Twitter feed, and had met in public eleven months of the year. Dr Holliday was re-elected Convenor, Ian Gillies took on the post of Secretary and Rosemary Omand was re-elected Treasurer.

We then went on to a Business meeting. We had asked for the holiday closure of the Council Service Point office in Crossapol to be advertised in advance, as far as was possible. The management had agreed to this in principle. We had met with the Tiree Trust and it had been agreed to set up a monthly litter tidy, township by township. We agreed this should be called Sgudal. We discussed changes to the Pre-5 schooling, where Gaelic-medium was being re-placed with a bi-lingual programme after a consultation with the parents. This would be looked into by the Parent-Teacher Council. Tiree Community Council has a proposal to buy some of the rotting phone boxes on the island, restore them, and put them to community use. There is a public consultation about this at the moment, so if you have any ideas or objections, do get in touch with us. The Community Council and the Trust were looking into setting up a Chapel of Rest in an unused building near the airport. We agreed to set up a group of interested people to oversee the Tiree flag project, and we had been asked to commission a Tiree tartan at the same time. If anyone is interested in joining this group, please let me know. We agreed to write to the committee who had run A’ Bhuain, thanking them for the wonderful week they had organised. We had had an estimate from Stokes Memorials to refurbish Dr Buchanan’s monument in Baugh, and we will consult on this. We had been approached by the estate to join a group of island organisations to develop policies about sand extraction from the beaches and beach access. We agreed to write to the new factor, welcoming a meeting. We had been approached by a resident of the new houses at Pier View, who told us how expensive the houses were to heat. We agreed to write to West Highland Housing Association to hear what could be done about this. We hope to visit the Orkney island of Westray in September to see how other, similar, islands are managing. The meeting lasted over two and a half hours, for which apologies!

We gave a lunch for Alison Kennedy, who is leaving Tiree, to thank her for years of hard work at the Secretary’s coalface. We are really missing her! Dr John Holliday, Rosemary Omand, Ian Gillies, Rhoda Meek and Paul Le Roux were in attendance. John MacCaskill sent his apologies. The Council has no meeting in July due to the busy summer schedule, so we meet again in August. However, the behind-the-scenes work will go on, and if you have any issues you would like to bring up, do get in touch.