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Proposed ’18 Banked Flights’ Schedule – Glasgow to Tiree Air Service – 2019

Proposed ’18 Banked Flights’ Schedule – Glasgow to Tiree Air Service – 2019

TCC at its 6 Feb Meeting agreed to this  proposed schedule to be put put forward to the Tiree Transport Forum for consideration prior to formal submission to Loganair and Transport Scotland for their review. The remainder of Banked flights are the same as last year i.e. Additional Saturday flights over peak holiday seasons.

The proposed 18 Banked Additional Flights are as follows:-

1. Additional Easter Friday flight (any time) on Friday 05th April (standard 2x flights already full);
2. Tiree 10k – Additional morning flight on Sat 04th May;
3. Tiree 10k – Additional afternoon flight on Sun 05th May;
4. Additional Peak Summer flight – Sat 06th July;
5. & 6. TMF – Additional morning and afternoon flights (4 flights in total that day) on Fri 12th July;
7. TMF – Additional lunchtime flight on Sat 13th July;
8. TMF – Addition lunchtime flight on Sun 14th July;
9. & 10. TMF – Additional morning and afternoon flights (4 flights in total that day) on Mon 15th July;
11. Additional Peak Summer flight on Sat 20th July;
12. Additional Peak Summer flight on Sat 27th July;
13. Additional Peak Summer flight on Sat 03rd Aug;
14. Additional Peak Summer flight on Sat 10th Aug;
15. August Livestock Sales on Sat 17th Aug – Additional flight with a requested 08:30am departure from Glasgow to fit in with sales times (Note:- Also request a later amended departure time to the current scheduled second flight time to 16:30pm out of Glasgow, again to accommodate sales times);
16. Tiree Ultra – Additional flight (any time) on Sat 07th Sept;
17. Tiree Ultra – Additional flight late afternoon on Sun 08th Sept;
18. Tiree Ultra – Additional flight (any time) on Mon 09th Sept.

Proposed Banked Flights Saturday Reductions (Down to 1x Saturday Flight) on:

26th October to 21st December 19  = 8 flights in total
11th January to 14th March 20 = 10 flights.



MV Clansman is returning to service ahead of schedule.

She will now commence the scheduled service on Oban-Coll-Tiree on Saturday, June 9.

This will allow MV Lord of the Isles to restart the postponed Lochboisdale Mallaig service also on June 9 and service the Mallaig Armadale route as scheduled.

We are fully aware of the impact this period of disruption has had and we appreciate you and your community’s understanding and patience during this time.

Clansman will do a double service to Coll and Tiree tomorrow, 9th June,

Depart Oban 0615 Arrive Coll 0920
Depart Coll 0930 Arrive Tiree 1030
Depart Tiree 1050 Arrive Coll 1150
Depart Coll 1200 Arrive Oban 1505
Depart Oban 1530 Arrive Tiree 1900
Depart Tiree 1920 Arrive Coll 2020
Depart Coll 2030 Arrive Oban 2335



23rd May – 31st May inclusive MV Clansman will operate the service on her published timetable.

Note : Weekend 26-28th May MV Clansman will operate normal timetable,
ie  Oban-Coll-Tiree-Coll-Oban one rotation.
1st-12th June Tiree will be serviced by MV Lord of the Isles,
which will operate the same timetable as she did in the weeks prior to Clansman return .
Calmac is currently altering the reservations system with the ship change
and the “Lord of the Isles Timetable” which will see all traffic transferred.
If there are any issues with any booked traffic Calmac
advise they will contact those customers directly to investigate
 the best option for that particular issue.
As soon as this is complete Calmac we will open all sailings with available space,
and update all public information regarding  the service.

Email from Robert Morrison Head of Service- CalMac

Tiree CC

Thank you for time earlier to discuss Clansman redocking plans.

As previously publicised MV Clansman needs to return to dry dock for a permanent repair to its propulsion system.

This has now been scheduled for June 1 with her returning to service on June 12.

The vessel will be taken out of service to have a new propeller shaft fitted and these dates were seen as the best option, as work would be completed ahead of the main summer season.  

We realise the impact that her absence will again have on your community and apologise for this, however this is an essential piece of work that we wanted to schedule in before the summer season fully started.

We are putting in place temporary arrangements that will see all lifeline services maintained. The temporary arrangements will see an amended service operating on the Mallaig-Armadale route and suspension of the Mallaig-Lochboisdale route.

Customers seeking to travel on the Mallaig-Lochboisdale service will be directed to Oban-Castlebay or Uig-Lochmaddy services. We have organised extra sailings on the Barra to Eriskay route enabling passengers to travel to South Uist via Oban-Castlebay on the same day. The MV Loch Bhrusda will also be deployed on the Skye route to provide additional sailings for the duration of this maintenance period.

We appreciate that this disruption will also impact on communities on Coll, Tiree and Colonsay, as they will be served by the MV Lord of the Isles for the duration with its smaller capacity.
We again apologise for the inconvenience this will cause, but hope you understand that this work is unavoidable and appreciate the difficult fleet management decisions forced upon us by the vessel’s absence.

A full scheduled timetable will run again from June 13.


Robert Morrison
Head of Service Delivery North
Calmac Ferries Ltd

Letter from Robbie Drummond Managing Director of CalMac

Your email of 19 April to Finlay MacRae highlighting the concerns of the local community about the impact of the delayed return to service of MV Clansman has been passed to me. My apologies for the delay in replying.

I want to stress at the outset that we deeply regret the inconvenience caused by the disruption due to the implementation of the temporary timetable and can assure you that a great deal of thought and planning went into ensuring that all of our island communities continued to have a scheduled service while we worked through the problem.

The current situation is one of the most complex with which we have had to deal in recent times, and it has been a significant challenge to manage. In addition, the MV Clansman’s technical problems have been changing during the period that she has been in refit meaning that information given openly, in good faith, at different times, has unavoidably changed.

You will have seen the communications that we have been issuing this week and I hope that these address the issues you have raised.

Regarding relief vessels, our brokers have been continually scouring the market for additional vessels suitable for operation on our challenging West Coast routes. We have assessed a number of vessels over the last 12 months but as yet none have been identified. We will continue the search.

Finally, I would categorically refute the claim that we have a ’could not care less’ attitude. A great many people across the company are working very hard to minimise the disruption and part of that is doing the best we can in communicating with customers honestly and timeously about the situation as its unfolds.  We care deeply about our customers and communities of which we are an integral part.

In the meantime we sincerely apologise for the inconvenience caused and can give you assurance that we are doing everything we can to return MV Clansman to service. We are currently on track to have the normal service resumed by 23 May and we will continue to issue updates on our website until we reach that point.


Lr, CalMac Ferries Ltd
Executive Director, David MacBrayne Ltd
01475 650241 / 07766 021415

Letter to Transport Minister Regarding Ferry Provision

Dear Minister,

Our constituency MSP Michael Russell wrote to you on the 20th April regarding the re-arrangement of vessels and timetables due to the continued absence of The MV Clansman from its normal route pattern, Oban-Coll-Tiree.
Tiree Community Council have additionally lodged a formal complaint with CalMac Ferries Ltd, seeking  clarification and remedial action on a number of issues around the recent CalMac press release. However, in advance of any response from CalMac Ferries management team, the Tiree Community Council would ask you as Transport and Islands Minister to look urgently at the current chaotic, and frankly ineffective booking system.
The current displayed timetables for Oban-Coll-Tiree bear no factual resemblance to the reality of the changed situation. Attempts to book an advance ticket any more than one week ahead are met with dismay and confusion by central head office ticketing staff. Those customers with long held existing reservations are being given erroneous information which does not comply with the booking they made, or with email messages that are being sent. Promised text messages to update passengers most often are simply not sent, or contain inaccurate information. Also, the CalMac press release makes reference to a number of important island cultural events due to take place across the network, but somehow, CalMac management have completely forgotten to acknowledge or deal with the fact that Tiree has similarly important scheduled cultural and business events coming up. Currently, there is no indication, and/or plan of what will be done to meet the expected surge in demand, with the unquestionable chaos and confusion that will result. The dreadful state of confusion that was in evidence of the holiday Easter holiday period, is now set to continue.
The whole matter is having an extremely destabilising and demoralising effect on the travelling public, as well as island residents, island business’ and has already to our certain knowledge led to early cancellations of travel.
Tiree Community Council would have expected that there is a current and up to date risk register for an organisation of the size and stature of the David MacBrayne Group, and if this is indeed the case, then we do question why the corporate, reputational, and commercial risks associated with the breakdown of a major vessel have not been pre-determined and contingency measures already agreed well in advance. This would appear not to be the case, as decisions are seemingly taken on an ad-hoc random basis, with enormous reputational damage to the company, as well as considerable financial loss in terms of foregone revenue to the taxpayer.
Tiree Community Council can provide if you wish, both verbal and written evidence to substantiate the above statements. However, there is no time to lose in sorting out the current booking, availability and scheduling shambles that we face from one week to the next, with no apparent forward plan or stability in sight.
Your intervention Minister is urgently sought!

Letter From Michael Russel to CalMac – Vessel Deployment

I am extremely concerned about the developing situation with particular regard to Islay , Campbeltown , Coll & Tiree  in my constituency.
Postponing the start of the advertised Campbeltown service is a retrograde step and is letting down a community which has worked hard to secure this service and wants to develop it.
The Coll & Tiree Community Council has already been in touch with your company pointing out not only the extreme difficulty the revised timetable will cause but also ( and rightly) complaining about the  manifest failure of the company to deal with the situation in a way which is effective and helpful.
The Islay position is even worse .  There are a number of major events on the island next month but the revised timetable and the on / off nature of the booking process is causing huge uncertainty and leading to a reluctance to travel by many potential visitors as well as some cancellations.  It is fair to say there is fury  on the island today and an explosion of social media criticism of the company .
This is all utterly  unnacrptable and solutions must be found now.  In addition the failures in planning with regard to the refit programme must be addressed with urgency.
The communities I represent need answers but most of all they need actual progress on  these issues today and I look forward to hearing from you.

Letter To CalMac In Response to Recent Press Release

Thank you for the update and press release on the MV Clansman continuing dry-dock issues.
While everyone understands the logistical and technical difficulties that CalMac is dealing with, and the limited options available to the operations staff. there are nevertheless a number of questions that the community and travelling public would want Tiree Community Council to ask.
1. It is impossible to imagine that any amount of careful or judicious management of traffic will overcome the capacity issues that will be faced by continued deployment of MV Lord of The Isles during the upcoming peak weeks. Indeed, as you point out in your comments there has already been considerable disruption to the Oban-Coll-Tiree service leading up to Easter and continuing onwards to this day.
2. Despite constant assurances from CalMac that MV Clansman would be returning to the Oban-Coll-Tiree route following dry-dock repairs, the already weeks old rumours that the MV Clansman would in fact be deployed by CalMac management to the Uig-Tarbert-Lochmaddy service are now confirmed as entirely accurate. While Tiree Community Council do not wish to put ourselves in the position of debating the merits or otherwise of ship deployments to other Scottish islands, we do question the logic of deploying the MV Clansman to the Uig triangle route, when the vessel will clearly and most obviously be required on the Oban-Coll-Tiree route to meet expected demand. Are the needs of the travelling public, businesses and communities of Tiree and Coll of less importance than any other island community or route?
3. What options have been explored to schedule additional services to Coll-Tiree utilising existing Oban based vessels?
4. What progress is the Transport Minister and Transport Scotland making in their lengthy search for a suitable relief vessel, which would overcome many of the problems that are now being experienced, not only Oban-Coll-Tiree, but right across the network?
5. Tiree Community Council continue to receive far above average complaints of chaotic CalMac customer relations when dealing with customers regarding cancelled sailings, inaccurate information and a `could not care less’ attitude. Can Tiree Community Council ask that an urgent appraisal of customer relations, both quality and effectiveness is urgently undertaken.
6. I note that the CalMac press release makes mention of “major changes” and goes on to
specify the communities that will be affected. However we are astounded that neither Tiree or Coll are mentioned even one single time in this press release, presumably as senior management are either unaware or simply do not care about the communities of Tiree and Coll who are suffering the greatest loss from the MV Clansman’s absence.
Tiree Community Council would wish that CalMac look far more seriously at putting in place proper mitigation during the enforced absence of MV Clansman, rather than what appears to be a cursory glance at the needs of the communities of Tiree and Coll. There must clearly be fairness and equality, and in this instance it is clear to us that our communities are not receiving fair treatment.
I would be grateful Finlay if you would treat this submission from Tiree Community Council as a formal complaint to the company, and ensure that it reaches the appropriate level of management.
Thank you.
Best regards,
Ian Gillies,
Tiree Community Council