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Marine Litter

Marine Litter

Stephanie Cope (TRS )  has submitted this  progress report to follow on from TCC’s  discussion  at its Dec meeting
Tiree Ranger Service [TRS] is currently engaged in the following actions with regard to marine litter:
1) Inviting community volunteers to become part of the project design and event planning process [see attached]:
I am seeking volunteers to create and adopt a long-term project plan for The Big Tiree Tidy; in addition to organising and running a follow-up 2019 beach cleaning event. My aim is to reduce the strain on TRS by delegating some tasks to willing and capable volunteers.
The first step will be a meeting between TRS, the new volunteers, and representatives from partner and stakeholder organisations. 
I would like to use this discussion to thrash-out some of the commonly suggested ideas, and their potential pitfalls (such as issues with the abuse of collection points at beaches; issues with beach litter being taken home and placed in holiday-let bins; the additional cost to A&BC of beach waste uplift; issues with Tiree’s capacity for sorting and recycle beach waste etc.) 
2) Producing a long-term project plan:
Once discussions have taken place, I would like to take the most feasible and island-appropriate ideas forward to draft up a long-term project strategy. TRS will then have a better sense of where financial support is required, and at what scale. 
3) Securing financial assistance:
Once these drafts are in place and we have a clearer plan, I intend to pursue grant funding to support delivery. 
In the short term, a one-off grant of ca. £500 would be sufficient to cover the cost of a single large event for 2019. In the longer term, partnership with other organisations may be required to sustain the effort into the future.
Working on the premise that TRS (and therefore TCDT) would be the organisation applying for funding, TRS would have to retain ultimate control over any activities financed by grants awarded to TRS/TCDT. 
That said, I believe that working closely with community volunteers would ensure delivery of a more considered and more appropriate project. I also believe that involving community members would aid succession once the current ranger leaves the post; increasing the longevity of this initiative. 
NGOs that TRS is currently in contact with:
– Surfers Against Sewage: I contacted SAS to register Tiree for an upcoming campaign. On doing so, I was told that the island had already been nominated. Manifestly, it would be good to ensure that effort and resources are not duplicated.
– Sea-Changers: This organisation looks like a potential source of short-term funding. TRS has two contacts in the organisation (Guy Grieve and Maya Plass). Maya will be visiting Tiree in August to lead an unrelated TRS session. 
– The GRAB Trust (Group for Recycling in Argyll and Bute): Terry Donovan plans to visit Tiree in mid-March, and has been extremely helpful and supportive so far. There appear to be some possibilities for long-term collaboration here. 
I hope this information is helpful.
TCC thanks Steph for this report and will be actively encouraging  volunteers to contact Steph to take this initiative forward
TCC is also investigating what funding may be available from Scottish Government.

Proposed ’18 Banked Flights’ Schedule – Glasgow to Tiree Air Service – 2019

Proposed ’18 Banked Flights’ Schedule – Glasgow to Tiree Air Service – 2019

TCC at its 6 Feb Meeting agreed to this  proposed schedule to be put put forward to the Tiree Transport Forum for consideration prior to formal submission to Loganair and Transport Scotland for their review. The remainder of Banked flights are the same as last year i.e. Additional Saturday flights over peak holiday seasons.

The proposed 18 Banked Additional Flights are as follows:-

1. Additional Easter Friday flight (any time) on Friday 05th April (standard 2x flights already full);
2. Tiree 10k – Additional morning flight on Sat 04th May;
3. Tiree 10k – Additional afternoon flight on Sun 05th May;
4. Additional Peak Summer flight – Sat 06th July;
5. & 6. TMF – Additional morning and afternoon flights (4 flights in total that day) on Fri 12th July;
7. TMF – Additional lunchtime flight on Sat 13th July;
8. TMF – Addition lunchtime flight on Sun 14th July;
9. & 10. TMF – Additional morning and afternoon flights (4 flights in total that day) on Mon 15th July;
11. Additional Peak Summer flight on Sat 20th July;
12. Additional Peak Summer flight on Sat 27th July;
13. Additional Peak Summer flight on Sat 03rd Aug;
14. Additional Peak Summer flight on Sat 10th Aug;
15. August Livestock Sales on Sat 17th Aug – Additional flight with a requested 08:30am departure from Glasgow to fit in with sales times (Note:- Also request a later amended departure time to the current scheduled second flight time to 16:30pm out of Glasgow, again to accommodate sales times);
16. Tiree Ultra – Additional flight (any time) on Sat 07th Sept;
17. Tiree Ultra – Additional flight late afternoon on Sun 08th Sept;
18. Tiree Ultra – Additional flight (any time) on Mon 09th Sept.

Proposed Banked Flights Saturday Reductions (Down to 1x Saturday Flight) on:

26th October to 21st December 19  = 8 flights in total
11th January to 14th March 20 = 10 flights.


MV Clansman / MV LOTI switches

Calmac advise that the MV Lord of the Isles will commence on the Tiree service on Sunday 27th January – ie two days earlier than originally planned . This is due to the Clansman being switched earlier into the Arran service to cover an additional delay to the MV Caledonian Isles’ Dry Docking(DD )

Go to :

MV Clansman :As per CalMac’s previous advise, the MV Clansman will also be switched into the UIG triangle  for most of March whilst the MV Hebrides is in DD.

Calmac’s current advise is that this be will from approximately Sat 2nd March to Tuesday 26th March andexpect MV Lord of the Isles to run to the published Clansman timetable.’

Tiree Linkspan/CMAL and CalMac Presentations

Tiree Linkspan/CMAL and CalMac Presentations

Click on the links below to copies of the  CMAL and CalMac presentations in An Talla on 4th Dec


The proposed ‘works’ period will be Feb-March 2020

If you have any queries /comments please forward them via the comment response  form on the CMAL website.

Re freight, and associated transport issues, TCC has already identified the following to be addressed.

It is not exhaustive. Any additional issues you feel need to be addressed please advise TCC.

  1. How many sailings/week are being considered

  1. Can the pallet carrier carry private cars (obviously it is possble )

  1. Transporting fuel it an issue?

  1. Implications for public utilities eg BT,SSE and NHS

  1. Implication for crofters ie feed and fertiliser supply

  2. Any livestock movements possible ie in trailers?

  3. Palletisation of goods where /when and how

  1. Utilisation of mobile cranes to ‘palletise’ the Clansman

  9 Utilisation of mobile cranes to LO-LO vehicles on/off the Clansman

10 Funeral Arrangements

11 Freight groupage arrangements

Also CalMac to explore the possibility of offering a car hire package ex Oban ie ‘X days hire for price of car by ferry, with pick-up/drop off Oban pier.

 CMAL-presentation-Tiree-linkspan-refurbishment 5 Dec

CalMac-presentation-Tiree 5 Dec

Tiree Linkspan Replacement CMAL Press release

CMAL Press release:


CMAL to host public meetings to share plans with community –

Caledonian Maritime Assets Limited (CMAL) has announced it is planning to replace the linkspan decks at the ferry terminals at Coll and Tiree.

£3.7 million funding has been secured and, following a public sector procurement exercise, construction contractor George Leslie Limited has been appointed to undertake the works.

CMAL will host public meetings to share details of the planned arrangements for the linkspan deck replacements.  Communities are invited to attend their local meeting:

An Talla Community Hall, Tiree Tuesday 4th December, 4.00pm – 7.30pm

Individuals are welcome to drop-in at any time during the meetings.  Representatives from CMAL, CalMac and engineering firm Mott MacDonald will discuss the timing of the construction projects, details of the replacement process, port closure and the alternative ferry service arrangements to be in place during the works.  It is anticipated the work will take place in late autumn 2019 at Coll and early spring 2020 at Tiree.

 Brian Sydney, senior civil engineer at CMAL said: “The linkspan decks at the two ferry terminals are reaching the end of their serviceable life and are being replaced as part of our ongoing programme of harbour upgrades and improvements.  We expect each replacement will require a port closure period of three to four weeks to complete the works, subject to weather conditions.  If we can reduce the timescale, we will.  We know that timing and connectivity is vital for the islands and our aim is to minimise disruption as far as possible.

 “We will work closely with Calmac and our contractor to ensure that alternative ferry services for passengers and freight can be maintained throughout the construction period.”

 David Gibson, service delivery director, CalMac said:“We are aware of how important these lifeline services are to the islands and we are committed to minimising the impact on customers and the local community while these works are carried out.